Conservation Corps FAQ

Where will I be based?

We have three offices, each housing different crew types:

Austin, TX office: Field Crews, Trails Across Texas Crew,  Disaster Response Teams

Houston, TX office: Coastal Restoration Crew

Baton Rouge, LA office: Louisiana Conservation Corps program

Though we have projects across the region, our members are expected to find housing near their office site

Is previous conservation experience required?

Crew Leader applicants must have at least 5 months of trail, habitat restoration, invasive species management or similar experience

Crew Member applications require no previous experience!

How many people are on a crew?

Conservation Corps crews consist of 10 AmeriCorps members: two Crew Leaders & eight Crew Members

How long are service terms?

3 months (300 hour term)  *youth crews only

6 months (900 hour term)

11 months (1700 hour term)

Am I volunteering?

This experience would not be considered volunteering, but a term of service through AmeriCorps (For additional information see the AmeriCorps section)

Do you provide relocation or settle-in allowance? 

Though some AmeriCorps programs (NCCC, FEMAcorps, VISTA) provide relocation and settle-in allowance, we are unable to provide this benefit as an AmeriCorps State & National program

What Certifications does Texas Conservation Corps Offer?

S-212- Wildland Chainsaw Certification (only guaranteed for Crew Leaders)

The American Red Cross Adult First Aid/CPR/AED Certification

The American Red Cross Wildlife First Aid (WFA) Certification

*ICS 100 – Introduction to Incident Command System

*ICS 200 – ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents

*NIMS 700 – National Incident Management System (NIMS) : An Introduction

*IS-800 – National Response Framework, An Introduction

      *Only required for our Disaster Response Teams (DRT)

Will I be provided with a uniform?

TxCC will provide all members with work shirts and PPE (hard hat, protective glasses, gloves, and ear pro), but it will be up to the member to have full leather boots and canvas or denim work pants (see Gear List)

What does TxCC provide while on hitch?

TxCC provides all kitchen cooking gear, and food while on hitch.  We also have tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads that can be rented for your term if you cannot acquire your own