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Integrated Resource Crews

Texas Conservation Corps (TxCC), a program of American YouthWorks, partnering with the US Forest Service Southern Region, has positions available offering extensive training and certifications in wildland firefighting and natural resource management. Crews will spend their season completing a variety of fire response activities, prescribed burns, conservation projects, and cyclical maintenance objectives on US Forest Service National Forests and Grasslands of Texas sites. Both Crew Leader and Crew Member positions are available.

Crew Leaders are selected based on previous leadership and relevant experience and have the added responsibility of guiding crews through their day to day field activities.

TxCC is looking for participants with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn and work within a diverse crew!

Leader and Member positions are both 6 month paid AmeriCorps positions.

Term Dates: 01/06/2020 – 5/22/2020

Office Location: Austin, TX

On one of TxCC’s Integrated Resource Crews, you will…

• Prepare and implement prescribed fires
• Construct and maintain trails on US Forest Service lands
• Remove invasive and exotic plant species from parks and public lands,
including chainsaw removal of trees
• Work in a crew of 3-5 other AmeriCorps members to complete projects
on public lands
• Maintain vehicles, tools and equipment including chainsaws, power
tools, and hand tools
• Wear required TxCC uniform displaying the AmeriCorps logo daily

As an Integrated Resource Crew Leader, you will also…

• Lead and facilitate service projects
• Provide guidance to crew members including reflection, conflict resolution, and technical training
• Communicate with partners, contractors, program staff, site supervisors, volunteers, and other
• Serve as the program trained driver

Benefits Include

• $852.44 bimonthly for Leads / $687.77 bimonthly for Members
• $3,097.50 AmeriCorps Education Award
• Student loan deferment
• Wilderness First Aid & CPR Certification
• S212 Wildland Fire Chainsaw Training
• S130 Firefighter Training / S190 Intro to Wildland Fire Behavior (allows participants to work in Wildland Fire Jobs after service)
• Arduous Pack Test and Red Card FFT2 certification
• Technical, professional & soft skills training
• Free health benefits
• Travel & camping opportunities
• Housing search assistance
• Opportunity to network with partnering agencies: Including US Forest Service, Texas Forest Service, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and National Park Service


• High School diploma or GED
• Between the ages of 18-28 and up to 35 for veterans
• US Citizenship or Lawful Permanent US Resident
• Ability to pass a National Service Criminal History Check (prohibiting Sex and Violent Crime offenders)
• Ability to hike 3-10 mi/day in rugged terain while carrying tools
• Ability to work outdoors in all weather types while doing hard, often repetitive, labor with hand & power tools
• Ability and interest to work with a diverse group of people
• Commitment to complete entire 6 month term of service


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