Texas Conservation Corps Coastal Crew helps in Houston after Hurricane Harvey

I work for the Texas Conservation Corps, or also know as TXCC, where I am one of the crew leaders. My crew is located in Houston Texas, and we are called the Coastal Crew since we are near the coast compared to other crews that are located in Austin Texas. The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey was hard on most all of the crew members, especially watching on our TVs the devastation that was happening just down the road. Luckily, most of the crew members did not live in Houston, but the ones that did their area was not effected much. Our program coordinator for the coastal division was not so lucky, and her house ended up getting flooded.

So being that as it may, while our program coordinator was busy taking care of her house my crew jumped into action and started to find ways to help the Houston community the best way we could. After calling around, we got a tip from NuWaters Co-op about a group called the West Street Recovery Group that was doing exactly what we were wanting to do. So we contact West Street and headed over to their headquarters in Third Ward.

Once we arrived we were thrown into a world were people were coming together to help people no matter what. They were making runs to deliver food, clothes, cleaning supplies, hygiene products, and water to neighborhoods that desperately needed it. We ended up helping them out for 2 days and this is what we accomplished within our group:

Thursday 8/31-
1. Help set up donation drop off tables for food, cleaning supplies, water, and hygiene products.
2. Help set up a dish washing/drying station.
3. Served 120 tacos, 10 pounds of potatoes, 4 pounds of kale, 12 pounds of melon, 3 gallons of soup, 25 meals, 200 gallons of water, and 25 sandwiches.
4. Passed out 50 pounds of cleaning and hygiene products.
5. Cut 15 pounds of watermelon, and 5 pounds of spaghetti squash.
6. Created 25 food bags with 2 fruits, 2 bags of chips, and 2 granola bar in each bag.

Friday 9/1
1. Sorted and gathered supplies.
2. Delivered van load of clothing and cleaning supplies
3. Served 250 sandwiches, 10 pounds of potatoes, 5 pounds of deserts, 5 pounds of grits, and 1100 meals.
4. Cut 12 pounds of onions.
5. Created 10 bags with 50 napkins, eating utensils, plates, and informative flyers.
6. Complied information lists of 60 churches, and 10 environmental agencies.

So in total within both days we helped at least 2000 people within the Houston area because of West Street Recovery. If you are looking to get out there and do some good then hit them up! Also they are taking donations at their location: 1707 West Street Houston, TX 77026

Also if you would like to make a funds donation head to this link: Donate to West Street Recovery

Sam Snelling – Coastal Restoration Crew Leader

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