Earn your GED or high school diploma, start a career and become empowered by your community.


Become part of the next generation of convervationists through environmental education, preservation and service.

The Conservation Corps experience builds leadership skills, connection with community, and provides opportunities to address environmental issues and learn about career pathways in the green jobs sector.


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The conservation corps of American YouthWorks is a shared experience of purpose, of service to the community, and of education. People with differing levels of experience and backgrounds come together to protect the environment and care for others.

We make nature accessible for the community.
Our crews build and maintain the trails that run through a community’s parks and green spaces, giving people space to appreciate nature and to feel it’s rejuvenating effects.

We support diversity in habitats to strengthen the ecosystem.
Diverse ecosystems not only promote habitat for wildlife but also are more resistant to disease, fire and flooding. To prevent invasive species from dominating the land, our crews will go in and remove them, either by applying herbicide or with tools like chainsaws. And on occasion, a partnering agency will have us planting native trees, grasses, and flowering plants.

We aid in making fires a restorative force.
Fire is a natural part of the landscape that promotes resilient and healthy ecosystems. However, if left unmanaged, it can be a destructive force. Something our crews do to prevent this is called shaded fuel breaks. We manage the boundary from woodlands to urban areas so that fire doesn’t move from one to the other. One of our crews even participates in prescribed burns to keep this fuel to a minimum.

We respond to natural disasters to support the people.
Natural disaster response and recovery is reliant on volunteers to do direct service for homeowners. This means volunteers are the ones clearing debris, tarping roofs, and removing water damaged materials from the homes. When our crews get deployed, they get to be there for the homeowners in this way, which can help provide some measure of control and help them take the first step in moving their life forward.

We choose a term of service because we are purpose driven.
We are really here because we want to serve the community and we want to define meaning in our actions.

Being AmeriCorps members, we do get benefits. There’s a bi-weekly living allowance, the AmeriCorps Education Award, and some crews have the opportunity to earn preferred hiring at public land agencies.

The conservation corps of American YouthWorks not only provides opportunities to be a part of something meaningful while you’re in the program, but there’s also opportunities to learn about different agencies, project types, and career paths for once you’ve completed your term of service.


The Texas and Louisiana Conservation Corps of American YouthWorks is a shared experience of purpose, of service to the community, and of education. People with differing levels of experience and backgrounds come together to protect the environment, build leadership skills, and care for others.

Participants engage in conservation projects on public lands, coastal regions, disaster areas, and National Parks across the Central Southern United States. As part of the greater AmeriCorps Disaster Response Teams, crews are trained and deployed by FEMA to help communities impacted by natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and tornados.

Texas Conservation Corps and Louisiana Conservation Corps are 21st Century Conservation Service Corps accredited programs.

This program is available to all, without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity or expression, political affiliation, marital or parental status, genetic information and military service.
American YouthWorks’ and AmeriCorps Non-Discrimination Policies

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