Earn your GED or high school diploma, start a career and become empowered by your community.


Become part of the next generation of convervationists through environmental education, preservation and service.

YouthBuild Austin is a holistic youth services program that combines academics with career training, leadership development, and community service at no cost to our students.

We offer young adults, ages 16 to 24, the opportunity to complete their education by earning a high school diploma or GED. Students also receive paid career training and certification in computer technology, healthcare, or green construction.

In addition, YouthBuild provides customized support services, including: counseling, basic needs assistance, graduate support, college readiness, and a re-entry track for young people exiting the criminal justice system.


Become a Member

YouthBuild Austin is looking for young adults, ages 16-24, who want to finish school, start a career, earn a paycheck (through AmeriCorps service), and plan for the future. Ready to get started? Click “Apply to be a YouthBuild Member” below.

Become a Leader

YouthBuild Leaders are young adults from across the country, ages 18-28, who have already received their high school diploma, GED, or college degree. Positions are full-time AmeriCorps terms of service, ranging from 6 to 12 months.

Want to provide guidance and mentorship while helping YouthBuild students achieve their goals? Apply now! Click “Apply to be a YouthBuild Leader” below.


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Learn more about our services:

YouthBuild Austin combines classroom instruction and real world projects that prepare students for the workplace. Our job skills training focuses on careers that are in-demand in the Austin area: Construction, Computer Technology & Digital Media, and Healthcare.

Students receive industry-recognized credentials while earning a paycheck and practicing the hands-on skills needed for success.

Casa Verde Builders (CVB) Construction Careers

Casa Verde Builders learn construction and green building techniques while earning NCCER and OSHA certification. Students put their marketable skills to good use through community service projects, such as repairing houses for low-income families or building micro-homes for chronically homeless individuals. Our pre-apprenticeship program prepares young people for careers as electricians, plumbers, or welders.

For young adults who have completed high school, Casa Verde Builders offers full time construction training through our AmeriCorps program. Participants in this program learn and practice construction skills by repairing and weatherizing homes for low-income home owners and building new affordable housing.

Media Corps (MC) Computer Technology & Graphic Design Careers

Media Corps develops students’ skills in Computer Technology and Graphic Design. The program combines classroom training with hands-on experience building and repairing computers for low-income Austinites, and designing and printing tee shirts for local non-profits. Students obtain certification in Adobe and Microsoft Software and CompTIA IT Fundamentals.

Health Corps (HC) Medical Careers

Health Corps combines classroom training with hands-on skills and certifications as Community Health Workers and Nursing Assistants. Students gain practical experience doing screenings at community health fairs, organizing blood donation events, or volunteering with local care providers. The program provides students with marketable skills to enter the booming healthcare industry and prepares them to succeed as they continue their training in the medical field.


Students may attain their high school diploma through our partnership with The Goodwill Excel Center, or complete their GED with the help of YouthBuild Austin teachers. Students study English, Math, Science, and Social Studies while pursuing a technology, construction, or a health track to develop career skills.

Participants may also earn college credits in Construction Management, Graphic Design, and Video Production through our partnership with Austin Community College.

At YouthBuild, we understand that having a strong support network is critical to academic success. That is why we match each student with their own case manager to provide complete wrap-around support services.

Case managers work with students to break down barriers to success, including child care, transportation, substance abuse, homelessness, and other issues. They also work with participants to build interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills, leading group discussions that help students overcome challenges.

Participants learn to advocate for issues that concern them and their communities. Students share in the governance of the program through an elected policy committee, and engage in enrichment activities, lectures, team-building exercises, and community events.

Giving back to the community is an essential part of the YouthBuild Austin experience. Our service projects provide in-depth, on-the-job training, such as building affordable housing, hosting volunteer blood drives, or providing refurbished computers to low-income families. While meeting real community needs, our students gain valuable skills and create lasting impact.

As students successfully complete the program, they will have access to a variety of resources as they advance in their careers, go to college, and build assets. Graduates become part of the “YouthBuild family,” a strong network of alumni and leadership opportunities.

For information on connecting to employment, internships, apprenticeships or college, contact Jessica Garay at [email protected] or 512-902-9687.

Court-involved youth face tremendous challenges as they seek to put aside their past and begin to focus on the future. Studies demonstrate that a great many of those who have been previously involved in the criminal justice system experience a serious reduction in stable employment, housing, education, and reasonable wages throughout their lifetime. New Start Austin is a unique re-entry program that focuses on enabling court-involved youth to access the tools they need to succeed.

For more information, contact Re-Entry Specialist Vanessa Perez at [email protected] or 512-744-1923.

The Go Repair! Program provides up to $20,000 of assistance per home per fiscal year for repairs that make the property as safe and healthy as possible.


Eligible repairs include
• accessibility modifications
• electrical, plumbing, mechanical repairs
• exterior siding repair
• window and door repairs/replacements
• drywall and flooring repair
• structural carpentry pertaining to structural integrity: support beams, rotten floor joists (usually result of a leak), rotten wall members
• painting as related to repairs
• roof patches
• roof replacement
• ceiling fans
• life safety requirements according to the applicable building code; and
• appliances (refrigerator and/or stove)


Eligible Clients
Households served must have a total household income at or below 80% of the AMFI ($75,500 for a family of four). Eligible homes must be the primary residence of the homeowner, owe no back taxes and
have homeowner’s insurance.