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Participant Support & Resources

American YouthWorks’ YouthBuild provides customized support services, including: counseling, basic needs assistance, graduate support, college readiness, and a re-entry track for young people exiting the criminal justice system.



Counseling & Case Management

We understand that having a strong support network is critical to academic success. That is why we match each student with their own case manager to provide complete wrap-around support services.

Case managers work with students to break down barriers to success, including child care, transportation, substance abuse, homelessness, and other issues. They also work with participants to build interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills, leading group discussions that help students overcome challenges.

Basic Needs Assistance

To support participants’ focus on their education and job training, YouthBuild Austin provides basic needs assistance, such as food and bus passes.

Participants can review inquiries about other types of assistance with their case manager.

New Start Initiative

New Start is a unique re-entry path that focuses on enabling court-involved youth to access the tools they need to succeed through restorative justice practices and trauma-informed communication techniques.

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Child Care Assistance

Lack of affordable childcare is a significant barrier to young parents trying to join YouthBuild or AmeriCorps. Our case managers will work with you to submit applications for childcare assistance and explore childcare options. All participants with children have the opportunity to join the parent support group and attend parent field trips.

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Alumni Resources

As participants successfully complete the program, they will have access to a variety of resources as they advance in their careers, go to college, and build assets. Graduates become part of the YouthBuild family, a strong network of alumni and leadership opportunities.

American YouthWorks’ YouthBuild: We provide alumni with assistance in connecting to employment, internships, apprenticeships and college. Contact our College & Career Team to learn more.
[email protected]

YouthBuild USA: YouthBuild is a national organization with alumni resources, such as financial assistance for further education, career & professional development, and economic hardship. Go to their website to find all of their resources available.

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