Clean & Green Testimonials II

The Clean & Green program’s commitment is to foster an environment of mutual respect and trust among all participants while servicing the larger community. The following comments are samples of participants voluntary feedback shared with staff on what the Clean & Green program means to them.

“Hello my name is Joscelyn Norman today was actually very informative but a pretty swift workday. I have no complaints, thank you so much and have a blessed day.” -Joscelyn Norman


“I came here thinking it was gonna be the worst 6 hrs of my life but in fact it has been the best day I’ve had this week. I can’t wait to tell my girl all about it.” -Ivan


“I want to say that this experience was not what I thought at all. The crew leaders were great and made me feel comfortable while being here. They also opened my eyes on how much we play a part of the community and can make the environment better 1 step at a time if we work together and put our mind to it but overall I had a great time.” -Calvin


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